Don’t Go At Eve With Power Fists, Whatever Those Are

05/29/2009 4:46 PM |

c4f6/1243629967-eve.jpgEve and I are really confused about why everyone seems to be sticking up for Chris Brown, even though everyone knows he beat the fuck out of Rihanna. I didn’t feel like writing anymore today, so I’ll just let Eve tell you about it, through her Twitter.

hold on hold on!! im just gonna reach out to some of ya’ll out there and say this bluntly, why do ppl keep tryin to protect chris browns ass

hes guilty until proven innocent, and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, im so sick of people kissin his ass..

yeh i did just watcha clip of him saying he isnt a monster…yeh motherfucker u are. let him or any other man come to me with power fuck him up.

and a message to rihanna…girl your beautiful and talented and u dont need a nigga like that around u…ur special and deserve better…

& finally,no we dont no wat happened that night, all i no, is seein rihannas beautiful face bruised and upset..thats enuff 4 me.

[Via Star]