Hitting the Stage: Lincoln, Shepard and Hercules

05/15/2009 4:37 PM |

1c54/1242401205-rivalry.jpgDramatic reading of Nina Howes’ new one-act play Hercules Comes Back at Brecht Forum, tonight at 8pm, tickets $6-$15.

Pulitzer nominee Theresa Rebeck’s reality TV comedy Our House at Playwrights Horizons, begins previews tonight and runs through June 21.

Sam Shepard’s True West by Curious Frog Theatre Company staged in a sublet East Village apartment, opens tomorrow night and runs through May 31.

David Hare’s two-monologue performance Berlin/Wall at the Public Theater, opened yesterday and runs through Sunday.

The Lincoln-loving debate spectacular with Stephen Douglas The Rivalry (pictured) at the Irish Repertory Theatre, beginning previews today, and running through July 5.

Journalism turns ugly, introspective in Parallax at the Gene Frankel Theatre, opening today and continuing through May 31.