Holy Crap! Times Square Now Slightly Less Awful

05/26/2009 12:05 PM |

af0e/1243352033-carfreebway-tsq_1.jpgAs of Sunday major sections of Broadway in Times Square and Herald Square went pedestrian-only, prompting innumerable comparisons to European piazzas and squares, and nearly as many rebukings of such comparisons. The Daily News took the occasion to highlight the anger of jilted cab drivers; super-awesome Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff likes the idea, but thinks it still needs some work (don’t miss the pretty slideshow); and New York magazine’s Daily Intel tracks some wildlife through those asphalt pastures. The Post, meanwhile, notes that many of the Times Square Alliance’s beach chairs were stolen. If the plan sticks when Mayor Bloomberg looks at the results at year’s end, more permanent street furniture and restructuring will be put in, and things will look a little more like the rendering at right.