How The L Staff Does Outdoor Drinking, or, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Liquor Laws

05/01/2009 8:15 AM |

Ah, summer’s approaching. The bodega cats are out, the garbage smells more like vomit than usual, and every restaurant and bar has thrown a couple folding chairs on the narrow sidewalk. The Feed recently listed their 10 favorite places to get drunk al fresco, including the Gowanus Yacht Club and Habana Outpost. We at The L don’t even need a bar to booze in the wilderness of New York. After the jump, the staff continues our long tradition (miss u, Boozeabeth) and tells you their favorite spots for drinking in the sunshine.

3f24/1241126917-picture_12.png“The Staten Island Ferry. It’s free, the wind’s in your hair, and, best of all, you can get right back on it, have another, without actually spending any time on Staten Island.” -Mark Asch, Film Editor

“Any parade route.” -Henry Stewart, Editorial Assistant

“In a zipcar.” -Nick Burry, Associate Publisher

“Any of those comically tiny triangular parks throughout the city [or] Roosevelt Island’s abandoned mental institution.” -Ben Sutton, Contributing Editor

Summerscreen, and not just because it’s our event.” -Cecilia Ziko, Head Designer

“My stoop.” -Jonny Diamond, Editor-in-Chief

“An overpriced beer at Shea or Yankee Stadium or new fake Shea or new shiny Yankee stadium always does it for me.” -Lauren Savit, Assistant Publisher

“I’ve been know to smuggle rum into Shea.” -El Presidente Daniel Stedman