Mad Men Spoiler! Only Not Really At All!

05/15/2009 2:28 PM |

1f8b/1242412094-picture_6.pngMad Men creator Matthew Weiner told Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello that the show’s third season, which premiers in August, is “about how people respond to change,” and AMC posted this on their blog, then had their marketing department post a link to it on Facebook, even though I thought every episode of every season was about how people respond to change.

I’m giving the folks at AMC a pass for a little while, because, I get it, having a successful show when you’re used to complete failure at all times must be pretty confusing, but seriously: you are abusing the Facebook link function, and it’s insanely annoying. Now, if you, readers, are thinking, “It serves you right for being so fucking childish that you became a ‘fan’ of a television show on a social networking site, even though you’re 30 years old,” well, point taken.