Martin Scorsese Has Some Free Movies for You to Watch on the Internet Now

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05/28/2009 3:06 PM |

3c46/1243537309-drysummer.jpgWe’ve previously noted that The Auteurs — a site for movie lovers featuring inexpensive high-quality streams of some very necessary movies, great discussion boards, and one of the better hardcore cinephile blogs on the interwebs — now hosts a monthly “Cinematheque” featuring, among other things, free streams of related movies from the Criterion Collection. And a couple of weeks ago, a number of people noted that Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation would join with The Auteurs to help disseminate its terrific, vitally important restorations to the widest possible audience.

This means you: now streaming for free right now on The Auteurs are four of the WCF’s first rediscoveries. Karina Longworth really thinks you should watch the major 1964 Turkish film Dry Summer (pictured); for my part, I think you should watch the voracious, lurid South Korean director Kim Ki-young‘s rickety rollercoaster of a movie The Housemaid, a hothouse sexual power-play concerning a family’s provincial, vampiric maid. For the moment, I kind of like the internet.