MAY.18.2009 Art Talk

05/18/2009 2:55 PM |

50ba/1242672373-onkawara2-5-06.jpgThe Dia Art Foundation may have moved its museum activities upstate, but their West Chelsea space still plays host to an excellent lecture series sexily titled “Artists on Artists.” This evening, photographer and School of Visual Arts professor Nancy Davenport talks about the Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara. Reclusive and elusive, Kawara is best known for process-driven existential exercises, like sending his friends telegrams that read “I AM ALIVE” and paintings that feature the date of their creation in simple white type on a black background (as seen at right). If he can’t finish one within a day, he destroys the canvas. Kawara never gives interviews or writes about his work, though, so hopefully Davenport’s lecture will help put his art in context and explain how huge his influence has been on younger artists. The lecture begins at 6:30pm at 535 W 22nd St (admission is $6/$3 for students, and seniors), click here for details.