Me and Ang Lee: Sad About the Missing Pubic Hair

05/27/2009 11:59 AM |

34c4/1243439960-jpeg1098596653.jpg In discussing the filming of his recently Cannes-premiered film, Woodstock — the one with all the hippies and mud and music — Ang Lee complained about how hard it was to find young people with pubic hair to play the thousands of stoned, naked youth who would grow up to be narcissistic baby boomers and ruin everything. I too am saddened by how hard it is to find young people with pubic hair. Even dudes.

The mainstreaming of the American porn aesthetic has been discussed by far smarter people than me, but I will keep bringing it up, over and over again: natural is good. Ok? Me and Ang Lee like pubic hair. And he’s a genius.

P.S. A google image-search for “pubic hair” is one of the least sexy things you can do.