New Clientele Album Confirmed

05/11/2009 10:37 AM |

dc11/1242052644-1029801_clientele_200x200.jpgSo it turns out the Facebook status update I tried to use as a news source last week was accurate. As reported by Pitchfork this morning, there’s a new Clientele record tentatively scheduled for release this October. In an interview with the site, frontman Alasdair MacLean says of the album, which they began recording at the end of 2008 during the strange-feeling week between Christmas and New Year’s, “It’s very spooky and tremendously sad at times. It’s about watching yourself disappear.” He goes on to discuss finding inspiration for the new songs during an accidental acid trip, his hatred of Harry Potter, and the potentially imminent demise of the band. Read the full interview here.