Performance Art, Word!

05/17/2009 10:30 AM |

0f11/1242521071-georgiasagri.jpgReceptions with flowing casks of boxed wine and cheap beer are one thing, but performance art openings merit something more extreme, more engaging, more, um, what’s the word… Whatever it is, words are the very subject matter and raw material of Georgia Sagri‘s work, as you’ll witness if you visit On Stellar Rays on the LES today, or nearly any other day during her exhibition Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
and If Approaching Pain Gives You a Way of Recovering the Memory of Flesh Then
Go Elsewhere
(through June 14). Sagri always takes familiar gestures, words and fragments of texts and signs as her point of departure, repeating, unpacking, reinterpreting and distorting them until they lose all meaning and take on multitudinous associations. It’s something like Twister combined with Scrabble, charades and modern dance. For a better understanding stop by today’s opening performance by Sagri from 12pm-6pm. (And yes, there will be either wine or beer, you Sunday drunk.)

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