Right-Wing Bitterz Do Not Like Their Comment Threads Exposed to the World

05/29/2009 10:51 AM |

84dc/1243608045-oreillymad.jpgNoted tall man and populist savant Bill O’Reilly has attempted to do what we do for you, dear reader, and he has come out the worse for it. It takes a strong stomach and a quick mind to survive the comment threads of the right-wing bitterz, and in this case, O’Reilly has tussled with Michelle Malkin, citing a not particularly nuttier-than-usual comment about Sonia Sotomayor, at her website Hotair. The big problem here, for which old Bill is getting flack from the conservative half of the blogosphere, is that he failed to mention it was a comment he was talking about, making it seem like Malkin herself said it (“it” being something silly about Sotomayor’s socialism or fascism or racism or pig-heavy diet; “it” is immaterial here).

Bill, let us wade through the bitterz’ comment threads, please, we’re trained for it. You are a famous tall man and should be doing more with your life. While we love that the right-wing Archie is fighting with the right-wing Veronica, we really do insist that these things be handled by experts.

And just for fun, here’s the first comment I found at America’s new Frankfurt School of Conservative Thought, FreeRepublic (regarding nice photos of the president in college):

cult of personality and idol worshiping. It’s that simple. What they failed to mention is that that hung didn’t go after any girls. If you haven’t noticed, there’s no talk about Buttcrack’s old girlfriends? Boyfriends on the other hand…

Take that, President Gay.

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