Seccesion Fever! (Suck it Rick Perry)

05/04/2009 12:23 PM |

I know it might seem hard now, but try to think back to the time of a pre-Swine Flu news cycle. It was a glorious place, replete with Pirates and Governor Rick Perry sympathizing with his fellow, secession-hungry Texans.

Well, as Clyde Haberman points out in Friday’s Times, New York City has been a regular hotbed of Secessionism itself.To wit: Staten Island still wants out of New York City despite a blocked attempt in ’93; New York City wants out of New York State; and a few Long Island denizens run the gamut of wanting their own to state to calling for the “Independent Sovereign Nation” of Long Island (and yes, Brooklyn and Queens would be included).

So, what do you have to say about that Perry? While you just have your one, little country — and good luck dealing with this, by the way — we’ll get a new city, two states AND a country out of the deal. Not to mention some exciting new L Mag issues, like the All New “Are you a Real Independent Sovereign Nation of Long Island, plus Kings AND Queens County-ite?”