Sound Smart, Read These: A Darwinian Theory of Dr. Seuss

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05/08/2009 2:13 PM |

7b79/1241806369-vangogh_selfportraitwithbandagedear.jpgA new book applies Darwinian theory to storytellers like Homer and Theodor Geisel (via).

What did Nancy Pelosi know about torture, and when did she know it?

Do you believe this thing about Van Gogh didn’t slice off his ear, Gaugain did?

Gays — Arabic linguists, as always, seemingly — are still getting booted out of the military under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

I saw the Belgian-born, Georgia-based cognitive psychologist Paul Verhaeghen — who translated his own novel, Omega Minor, from the original Dutch to English — present this short, funny reflection on the nature of translation at last weekend’s PEN World Voices fest.

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  • Interesting. re: Paul Verhaeghen’s piece above, in Polish, “translator” literally means “explainer”, his job is to “re-explain”, and the finished product is an “explanation”. Or something like that…