Swine Flu: No Laughing Matter

05/05/2009 8:15 AM |

The other day, we found a Swine Flu joke in the comments. We chuckled a little. So now that Swine Flu might not be the equal of the Black Death, I thought it was time to start collection Swine Flu jokes. Ugh.

Either they’re really, really not funny (bordering on the feeble-minded): Knock, knock. Who’s there? Swine flu. —I don’t think this is what they had in mind when they signed NAFTA.

Or they are just kind of puerile and gross: What do you get when kermit f***s miss piggy… swine flu!

I’d ask you to leave your best Swine Flu jokes in the comments, but I don’t think you’re that funny.

One Comment

  • I’m still waiting for the avian flu to merge with swine flu to produce a super virus–FLYING PIG FLU!!!!