The Answer to One of My Many Problems: The Epicurious iPhone Application

05/06/2009 10:59 AM |

ac3a/1241621963-picture_21.pngAt some point during the process of moving to a new apartment this past December, I lost the power cable for my printer. So in order to print something, I currently have to unplug my modem and use that cable for the printer, thereby cutting off my internet connection. It is extremely frustrating. And as a result, I don’t print things very often anymore, which makes many things far more difficult than they need to be—not the least of which is following recipes I find online, especially considering I’m also not at all willing to write things down. My apartment isn’t terribly large, but having to run between the kitchen and the office, where the computer sits, is, while certainly somewhat comical, far from ideal.

My troubles, though, appear to be over, now that Epicurious has launched their iPhone application, which provides easy access to the bazillions of recipes they have on the site, and allows you to search them by meal/course, cuisine, season, key ingredients and a whole bunch of other things. You can then add recipes to your favorites, or to your shopping list, which provides a list of everything you’ll need to have on hand. On top of all that, it doesn’t even seem to crash all the time, which is nice. Now if only they could make it so that I can scroll through the instructions with my brain so that I don’t get my screen covered in, like, syrup or whatever, if would be awesome.