The L Covers the Cannes Film Festival!

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05/13/2009 4:59 PM |

053f/1242248360-femme-fatale.jpgTimes are tough, and here at the L we simply couldn’t justify the cost — airfare, accommodations, meals, sheets of paper for to tear into pieces, wad up with my spittle and throw at Lars von Trier, for laffs — of sending me to the Cannes Film Festival. Pretend to act surprised.

Well, world cinema’s marquee event starts — started — today, and if you want actual coverage I’ll direct you to David Hudson, who is as ever on top of every word written on the internet about movies; and to noted in-joking smartypants Dennis Lim and J. Hoberman, who I look forward to watching as they adjust to the daily schedule and apathetic-yet-combative commentariat of the general-interest blogosphere. There is, as of yet, nothing to report — though Hobes does work up some half-hearted speculation and Tarantino joke in an effort to convince his editors that daily blog posts, as opposed to his traditional weekly print dispatches, will in an way justify the expense of a dying newspaper — which doesn’t respect its film critics anyway — sending its lead film critic to France to watch movies that only a few of its readers will ever see. (So much of our job looks suspiciously unlike work. It is, though: he has to sit through a Gaspar Noé movie.) Oh, Hobes. When you, like Mike D’Angelo, have to raise money from your readers to fund your Cannes trip, you can count on me to the tune of $15. Maybe 20?

A shiny nickel to the first person to explain what these two fine-looking people are doing adorning this here blog post.

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  • They are on there because Antonio Banderas is Spanish and Spain is real close to Cannes!

    Seriously though, I think we all should donate to send Mark to Cannes. Who’s in?

  • No! I don’t want your pity/charity. And also

    No! They are there because they are acting in Femme Fatale, un film underrated de Brian De Palma, which begins with a sexy sexy jewel heist at a fancy Cannes premiere!

  • This calls for an Indulgence vs Penance post! Spend 2 grand (or more) on a trip to Cannes vs support your local cinematheque, there’s so many good ones…