They Might Be Giants: More Precious Than You Even Realized

05/22/2009 11:50 AM |


When I was a kid growing up in Queens, I played for Little League baseball teams that were sponsored by bakeries, banks, local electronics stores, and even a neighborhood IHOP. In fact, if you were to go into that IHOP today, you might find a team photo from somewhere around 1989 featuring a dashing young power-hitting first baseman who looks an awful lot like me. And as honored as I am to have secured my place on that wall, I’m suddenly envious of a bunch of 5- and 6-year-olds in Seattle whose team is called They Might Be Giants and is dressed a lot better than any of mine ever were.

The team’s coaches, both named John, decided to name the team after the band, and for their uniforms, they ordered a bunch of “No!” shirts from the TMBG website. Now that the band has caught wind of it, they’re offering to sponsor other teams around the country. ” “If a pizza parlor or a super market can sponsor a team,” said John Flansburgh, “Why can’t a rock band?” A fair question.