A Strange Time In His Life

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06/30/2009 1:46 PM |

8b4a/1246383918-jens.jpgJens Lekman Contracts Swine Flu” is the most eye-catching headline we’ve come across in some time; here at the L, we’re big fans of the pocket-sized Swedish singer-songwriter and sometime-inaudibly whistling DJ, and we wish him a speedy recovery. Partly we wish this to alleviate our guilt at finding this news bizarrely delightful; partly we wish this because, judging from his own droll account of being taken ill on an Air France flight back from South America, the song he eventually writes about this experience will be really, really good.

If the guy can make this out of the experience of slicing one’s finger with a kitchen knife, we have high hopes for what he does with global pandemic.

“I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Want You to Contract Swine Flu”? “Someone to Share My Contagion With”? “Do You Remember the Riots in Gothenberg? I Don’t, Because I Was in Quarantine at the Time”? Et cetera. Thoughts?