A Swoon-ful of Honey

06/04/2009 3:02 PM |

4a1a/1244059841-swoon.jpgThe Venice Biennial opens Sunday and you, artsy New Yorker, are probably thinking “what good does that do me?” Well, it does you the good that one of New York’s coolest art venues, Honey Space (Eleventh Ave between 21st and 22nd Sts) is throwing a huge benefit party and auction tonight to celebrate alum Swoon‘s (you’ve seen her street art, like, everywhere) contribution to the Venetian art fair — a set of three giant DIY rafts (pictured) that she and her crew are navigating across the Adriatic Sea to arrive in the sinking city today. The silent art auction lasts from 7-9pm, followed by a party with live music and a raffle in the cavernous bar/sauna/den of sin and recently refurbished secret party space Serpentine from 9pm onwards. Tickets cost $10, $20 for raffle tickets, more details available here.