Abolish the New York State Senate

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06/10/2009 1:14 PM |

ce88/1244654010-albany.jpgTo reduce the whole thing to a single run-on sentence, it appears that the monomaniacal Rochester billionaire who more or less singlehandedly funded the Democratic takeover of the Senate demanded a meeting with the Senate majority leader because he was upset that they were going to raise taxes on his billions of dollars to cover a massive budget shortfall, only the Senate majority leader was just cold foolin’ on his BlackBerry the whole time, disrespectfully, and so since he couldn’t write the state budget himself said billionaire (who now lives in Florida btw) was all like well in that case I will simply engineer a coup, by secretly courting the defection of two respectively hilariously corrupt and legally troubled Senators from districts (the Bronx and Queens) that do not vote Republican at all, so that they, personally, will receive leadership positions in the new Senate, and hopefully if we meet with them in secret, at an Albany rock club called the Red Square, this parliamentary maneuver will come as such a shock that the Democrats will cut off the lights in the Senate chamber, then lock the doors so that Republicans will convene a session outside, with both sides then claiming to still be in charge of the Senate, while governor Paterson runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, and said monomaniacal billionaire watches from the balcony, presumably in a toga.

Perhaps this was all somewhat predicted by the leadership struggle that kicked off the session, with gay marriage being the wedge issue that created a rift between Senate Dems and a few socially conservative (and personally ambitious) Hispanic, NYC-based members of their caucus. That was in many was more disturbing than this, since it suggests the continued traction, in new voting blocs, of the social-issue and culture-war politics that don’t seem to be working for Republicans anymore.

And anyway, it’s not like Senate Dems were going to get anything done anyway.

So. New York politics. Apparently it means more than bitching about Bloomberg whilst smoking a cigarette outside of Boat in mid-January.