Art at Northside: Jonathan VanDyke at HQ

06/14/2009 8:36 AM |

5060/1244910923-gloved_impediment_8.jpgIt may be the last day of Northside, but Jonathan VanDyke’s shape-shifting show at HQ Gallery will have you coming back long after the concerts and car-free streets are over. On a per-square-foot basis, there are few Williamsburg galleries more rewarding than the tiny storefront space HQ Gallery (236 Grand) — though the similarly small Hogar Collection two blocks down Grand and Cinders Gallery around the corner on Havemeyer make great use of their spaces too — and VanDyke seems intent on making the most of the cramped quarters. He has created an installation that is constantly evolving and expanding, essentially churning out a new artwork every second it progresses.

In Gloved Impediment (which continues through June 28), VanDyke has hung a giant canvas in the gallery space and rigged a network of tubes behind it to slowly spill paint over its surface. The resulting abstract expressionist composition changes and transforms constantly. Without VanDyke’s intervention, this installation is something akin to a Dadaist exercise in chance and randomness, undermining facile assumptions about artistic intention and the cult of the art object. Click here for more information about VanDyke’s show at HQ, and click here for a complete list of all the exhibitions and art events at Northside today.