Arts at Northside: William Lamson at Pierogi

06/12/2009 3:36 PM |

There’s a great deal of work in the exhibitions at Northside that involves ridiculous and deeply satiric performances and installations — like Steven Brower at Parker’s Box, John VanDyke at HQ Gallery and Melissa Pokorny an Julia Whitney Barnes at Front Room, for instance — but the collection of works included in Brooklyn-based William Lamson‘s show Work and Trade at Pierogi (177 N 9th St) is probably the flat-out funniest. His work in installation, performance and video spans the zen (balloons rising out of the water and floating magically skyward), oddly poetic (a drawing created by a pen rigged up to a kite), vaguely torture-like (Lamson, sporting a spiky mask, has balloons dropped on him) to the truly indescribable:

Pierogi is open throughout Northside from 11am to 6pm, and Lamson’s exhibition continues through June 21.

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  • Watching that video again, I can’t decide if he looks more like Chewbacca or the Elephant Man. Either way, it’s so ridiculously tragic, like something out of a Beckett one-act.