Bench: A New Dance Inspired by Al Gore

06/09/2009 12:00 PM |

mullertheworksblog.jpgYou might have a hard time believing that Al Gore’s slideshow doc An Inconvenient Truth could be rendered as an interpretive dance, but then you’d be doubting the ability of choreographer Jennifer Muller to create compelling new works based on contemporary issues and timeless themes.

Bench (pictured) is her new piece about global warming, and will premiere tonight along with two other new pieces and one repertory stand-by as part of Jennifer Muller/The Works‘ 35th Anniversary Season, which continues through Sunday at The Joyce Theater in Soho. We recently had the opportunity to pick Muller’s brain about this new show, her interests in theater and narrative, and how her next shows will incorporate multimedia interactivity. Click here to read the interview.

(photo credit: Carol Rosegg)