Curating Art in the Obama White House

06/30/2009 8:25 AM |

c2a1/1246305793-barbarakruger.jpgSince reading earlier this year that the Obamas would likely pick some Modern art to adorn the walls of the White House, I’ve been looking forward to the day they announced their selection. Nobody seems to know when their choices will start going up on the walls of their new home, but the ground rules stipulate that they can choose whatever they want for the private areas, while art destined for public wings has to be approved by a board of advisers and the person with the best job ever, the White House curator.

As we wait on the announcement, Artinfo asked a bunch of artists, curators, dealers and writers (including our very own Paddy Johnson!) what they would recommend to the art-shopping Obamas. Personally, I like the suggestion made by Shepard Fairey, the street artist who designed the iconic “Hope” posters, who suggested the Barbara Kruger poster above. Click here to read the whole Artinfo article, or leave your suggestions for White House art below (because, you know, the Obamas read The Measure like, all the time).