Dude, Our First Banned Commenter Totally Rocks!!!

06/25/2009 4:05 PM |

4af9/1245957092-banned.jpg For crimes not limited to but including the egregious overuse of exclamation points, along with the word “rocks,” we’re sad happy to implement our first ever 24-hour probationary ban on the commenter known as “El Guapo”. Examples of his poor judgment, bland style and tenuous grasp of English:

Regarding Jeff Tweedy’s hair: “The hair fucking rocked!”

Regarding BAM: “BAM ROCKS!! Can’t they have mini-Bams in other nabes.”

Regarding the plague: “Buboes are the new faux hawk.”

Regarding Falling Down: “Falling Down was my FAVORITE film. At last the praise it deserves. Totally amazing!!! Eww, that nazi dude still freaks me out.”