Frank Capra Alive and Living in New Hampshire

06/02/2009 2:10 PM |

e0e7/1243965892-baguettechair01.jpgBAKER’S DELIGHT, a film by Frank Capra

You know it’s truly a Depression when hundreds of small-town Americans band together to save one small business that has touched their hearts.

In this wonderful New York Times piece, we read about a French bakery in tiny Colebrook, New Hampshire, owned and run by a lovely French couple named Marc and Verlaine. But… Oh no! When Verlaine files to renew her foreign investor’s VISA, the State Department declares the business “marginal.” Not so fast evil State Department, the dour Yankees of Colebrook will not let this stand! They write letters—typed, handwritten, scrawled in blood (well, probably not)—thousands of heartfelt letters declaiming their love for these charming foreigners… and… wait for it… EVERYTHING IS OK IN THE END. Sigh. It’s ok to love America again.