Gasing Geese is a Gas

06/15/2009 2:34 PM |

ce56/1245090135-canada-geese.jpgAs a pseudo-Canadian, environmentally-minded, lifetime member of the Sierra Club, last week’s news that the City of New York is planning to kill an extra 2,000 Canada geese over the summer (in addition to the casual killing they do near airports already) feels like an attack both on the red, maple leaf-shaped half of my heart, and the green, globe-shaped half of my brain. The move stems from fears of another plane crashing because of birds, which means that 155 human lives are worth roughly 2,000 Canada geese lives (or, one human=12.9 geese approx.).

Does’t this fly in the face (pun!) of all the city’s high-profile greenwashing projects like putting in new bike lanes, turning Times Square and Herald Square pedestrian, and planting one million trees? Or, are human lives, expensive airplanes and costly insurance claims worth a few thousand bird lives? I’m leaning in favor of the geese on this one, but maybe that just makes me a cold-blooded Canadian eco-terrorist or something.

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