Green Hero of the Week: Gotham Greens

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06/18/2009 2:16 PM |

d245/1245270209-science_barge.jpgIn keeping with the seriously-folks-why-not-the-rooftops theme: Gotham Greens, the people who brought you The Science Barge (a hydroponic greenhouse built on a barge, pictured), recently won the New York’s Green Business Competition with their plan for a rooftop farm to be built on top of a church in Jamaica, Queens. The greenhouse will be powered by solar panel, irrigated by captured rainwater and projects production of 30 tons of produce per year; to keep prices low, delivery will be handled in-house, by a fleet of biodiesel vans.

Whole Foods has signed on to buy a significant amount of the farm’s yield — which is arguably a shame given that company’s Walmart-like labor policy and Ayn Randian outlook. Come on, Trader Joe’s! Step up and get in on buying local food!