Green Hero of the Week: P.S. 6

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06/04/2009 3:18 PM |

f3f8/1244143102-cityhall.jpgLast month, the UES elementary school broke ground on a green roof, the Eric Dutt Eco Center (named for a late science teacher whose pet project it was), a green roof. The green roof will feature soul for gardening, solar panels, a greenhouse, a pond and other environmentally savvy and oh so educational stuff. At the L, we’ve long been fans of the green roof: a few inches of soil and vegetation is great for food, climate control, and the general greening of the city.

The roof was funded in part by a grant from the city (with presumably more funding to go to other schools in the future, especially if longtime teachers are interested in becoming passionate advocates for one at their own school) and private fundraising.

Fun fact: The Lillie Devereaux Blake school, one of the city’s best (and whitest) public elementary schools, counts among its alumni Richard Avedon, Phoebe Cates, Chevy Chase, Damon Dash, William Hurt, Lenny Kravitz, Mayor Robert Wagner, and noted huge prick J.D. Salinger. Coincidentally, all of these people are really fun to imagine as third-graders.