Green Villain of the Week: Well, Let’s See…

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06/26/2009 2:38 PM |

693a/1246041455-thadmccotter.jpgAs previously noted, the House is set to vote this afternoon on the American Clean Energy and Security Act, or Waxman-Markey. This week’s Green Villains are the Nay votes — when the vote happens, you’ll be able to see who they are, by checking the Roll Call at the website of the Office of the Clerk of the US House of Representatives.

Among them, though, will certainly be handsome devil Thad McCotter, Republican of Michigan, who on the floor of the House today worried that, with this bill, the US government is trying to “control the weather.”

We learn this, among many fascinating other things, from the Twitter feed of the New Republic‘s main environment and energy correspondent, Bradford Plummer, who’s tweeting the debate, as is Grist‘s Kate Sheppard. It’s fun stuff, you should check it out.