Indie Rock Biceps (Those Are the Ones in Your Arm, Right?)

06/30/2009 3:33 PM |

d710/1246377788-picture_7.pngIntern Amanda Kersey spent her Saturday night at Prospect Park for the Dr. Dog/Phosphorescent show, and gentlemen, there’s something she’d like to tell you.

Soft-spoken Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent, showed muscle at Saturday night’s Prospect Park show, further flustering already tipsy young women in the crowd.

When Houck rolled up his sleeves during his set, which included songs from his most recent record, To Willie, my friends and I gaped at his brawny upper arms. As he soulfully sang tribute to Willie Nelson, we wondered, where are there more of these sensitive, toned men? So boys, tack a poster of Houck to the wall and lift some weights. We’ll adore you for it.

Bonus points, presumably, for finding a way to reveal your toned upper-arms without resorting to rolling up the sleeves on your t-shirt like a teenage girl in gym class.

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