Iraqi Sovereignty to be Overshadowed by As Yet Undetermined Celebrity Death (Pat Benatar “Concerned”)

06/30/2009 12:13 PM |

Hey, guess what, it’s Iraqi Sovereignty Day! Even though the number of American troops in Iraq will be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday (about 130,000), their nervous presence on Iraqi streets has gone way down, upon Iraqi request. Basically, Americans aren’t supposed to do that much now, unless they’re asked — it’s sort of a Simon Says of international agreements. Is this quote from the Times a harbinger of the new sovereign, secure Iraq? (Or maybe the reporter was just pissed about the snub.)

The military parade in the Green Zone on Tuesday — at the official monument to the unknown soldier — was attended primarily by Iraqi reporters and dignitaries. The public could not reach it because of extensive security restricting access to the area. Several American news organizations were also barred, including two television news networks and The New York Times, on the grounds that they did not have the appropriate badges.

Good luck, Iraqis. Bye for now.