Jon & Kate’s Fans Are Smarter Than You Thought, or Possibly Much Dumber

06/22/2009 12:41 PM |

90ec/ posted a reader poll last week, to find out what people think the big announcement will be on tonight’s special, hour-long episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. 6% of readers predict that Kate’s pregnant again, though I assume no one actually believes that. A hefty 31% are guessing that the couple will be separating, on a trial basis. But the best part here is that a whopping 34% of readers feel that the big announcement will be simply that they’re entering fucking marriage counseling. At first, this made me sad: are people’s lives so empty that they’ve grown so connected to Jon and Kate that the mere thought of them getting divorced is to much to bear? Maybe, but there’s also the possibility that people have grown so mistrusting of the media and advertising that they wouldn’t be surprised if, after all the melodramatic promotional spots, they’d have to settle for what is essentially a non-announcement. This, I believe, is progress.