Matador Announces Spiral Stairs Solo Album

06/25/2009 10:20 AM |

ddb9/1245939578-ole-858-spiral-stairs-1.jpgWith Spiral Stairs’ first post-Pavement band, Preston School of Industry, now seemingly a thing of the past, I think we can all probably feel ok about coming clean and admitting that they were always sort of bland. We can feel even better, though, about embracing the first single from his upcoming solo record, The Real Feel, due out on Matador (of course), on October 20. The song’s called “Maltese Terrier,” and it’s a strange, hooky throwback to all the out-there 70s rock Pavement turned so many 19-year-old college radio DJs on to in 1992.

The album was recorded at the end of last year, with Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and members of the Posies and Preston School of Industry among others. There will be a special vinyl edition released, which will include different sequencing and a bonus 7″, plus they’re promising a full tour for the fall.