My Soul for Sale at Half-inch Half-life

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06/23/2009 3:02 PM |

4201/1245778586-nsfs_evite-300x300.jpgSo Ben’s obliquely alerted you to No Soul for Sale, a “festival of independents” tonight through Sunday at X-Initiative, at which 30 or so international art organizations are given floor space (“As on the set of the legendary Lars Von Trier’s movie Dogville, participants will be assigned spaces that are only marked on the floor, creating a map of an imaginary city of art, where distances and hierarchies are abolished”) to curate their own exhibitions.

Light Industry — who map out the adjacencies of cinema and art through their installation, projector-performance and experimental film programming — will be getting some space for “Obvious Dimensions, a breathless, marathon series of screenings, performances, and lectures.” You should also be aware that Migrating Forms (née the New York Underground Film Festival), will be presenting Half-inch Half-life, “a semi-intimate, public viewing room showcasing a 43-hour marathon of selections from the personal VHS archives of artists, critics, curators, scholars and other devotees to the medium”, including yours truly. (I dug into my piles of old screener tapes and found a goofy, heat-napping Okinawan Robin Hood story, which’ll screen on Saturday at 1pm, right before some soap operas taped right off the TV.)

It is, I think, a very cool idea — a tribute to personal archives and obsolete media artifacts. Expect a mix of amateur, found, experimental, name-recognizable, cult and unclassifiable features and footage, from a formidable lineup of filmmakers, obsessives, tape-traders and bootleggers.