New Nuggets Box Set Announced, More Suggested

06/23/2009 4:29 PM |

d4ee/1245788895-picture_5.pngThe good folks at Rhino have announced that on September 22 they’ll release the third installment of their insanely thorough and influential Nuggets series. The goal of the series has been to call attention to the lesser known artists and tracks of 60s garage rock, and with the newest one, they’re focusing for the first time on a specific city. Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 features contributions from the Doors, the Beach Boys, The Association, Sonny & Cher and about a hundred other artists who called L.A. home during these four years. It got me thinking about other cities and modern-day scenes in need of this type of treatment.

Les Américains n’ont pas la grâce et la dignité: Montreal Indie Rock, 2003-2005

Your Skin is So Blemished It’s Making Me Nauseous: Swedish Indie Pop, 2006-2007

I Nod, You Nod, We All Nod to Post-Rock: Chicago, 1996-2002

Flannel Smells When it Gets Wet: Post-Nirvana Indie Rock of the Northwest, 2003-2006

Jeff Tweedy Won’t Call Us Back Anymore: Chicago’s Strangely Vibrant Alt-Country Scene, 1991-1998

And so on, and so on, in the comments, please.

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