Northside Festival Ends; The L Magazine Thanks You, Goes to Sleep

06/15/2009 10:35 AM |

c246/1245076383-nside.jpgAfter seeing somewhere around forty bands, eating exactly four amazing taco truck tacos, and drinking something like 40,000 beers, half of which were free and half of which I’m totally going to expense, the first annual Northside Festival has officially come to an end.

I believe I can speak on behalf of the L Magazine staff, as well as our sponsors and various partners, when I say thank you—to the people who bought badges, the press people who covered it, the pedestrians who stopped doing what they were doing so that they could watch bands perform on the street, the venues who trusted us with their spaces, the showcase presenters, and most importantly, to the nearly 350 bands that played—for making this entire thing an overwhelming success.

We’ll be rolling out more Northside-related content in the next couple days, including video features, interviews, and many, many more photos, so check back in often. In the meantime, I’m going to take a nap on the office couch until someone tells me I have write a blurb about something. Or that I have to help plan a music festival.

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