The NY Times Bowls a Gutter Ball

06/29/2009 9:39 AM |

bb8c/1246283632-brooklyn_bowl.jpgThere was a piece in the Times yesterday about Brooklyn Bowl, the new hipster-bowling/music venue masterminded by former Wetlands owner Peter Shapiro and opening this week in Williamsburg. The focus of the piece was on the financial viability of Shapiro’s costly decision to employ state-of-the-art green technology during construction. The headline, quite painfully, “Environmental Efficiency? Cool, but Will You Rock to It?”—a question the usually excellent writer Ben Sisario answers with one of the most eye-roll inducing kickers I’ve ever read:

For fans there’s another concern: Will the concert experience be marred by the noise of a bowling ball slamming into the pins on Lane 6? Mr. Shapiro said that care was taken with the acoustics, so that when a band is playing loudly, listeners won’t be disturbed by the bowling. To demonstrate, he grabbed a ball and launched it down the lane. Overhead the Who concert video was still blasting, and a faint rumble was heard as the ball struck and scattered the pins.

He had bowled a strike.

So instead of going on to wonder if maybe a multi-million dollar bowling alley with “eight huge high-definition screens” and in-house Blue Ribbon satellite might seem a bit ostentatious in 2009 Brooklyn, we’re just supposed to believe, I guess, that everything will work out just perfectly for Brookly Bowl, because in this melodramatic one-sentence closing paragraph, we find out that Peter Shapiro is sorta good at bowling.