Playing Punks and Working Summers

06/08/2009 4:45 PM |

876e/1244493576-punkplayweb.jpgThe Clubbed Thumb theater company’s annual summer festival of new plays Summerworks kicked off last night. The series features three shows, each performed during week-long runs. The first, continuing through Saturday, is called punkplay, and has two listless suburban kids (pictured) in the 80s joining the city’s punk scene. The L‘s Alexis Clements had a chance to chat with Clubbed Thumb’s co-founder and Producing Artistic Director Maria Striar about the festival, the company’s unique approach, and some of the unique strengths of this year’s lineup. Click here to read the whole interview, or click here to find out more about Summerworks 2009, which continues through June 27.