Print Media Tragedy: RIP VIBE Magazine (1993-2009)

06/30/2009 4:14 PM |

86a4/1246389518-vibetupaccover.jpgQuincy Jones’s VIBE Magazine, founded in 1993 and branded as the black Rolling Stone, suffered the latest shocking entertainment industry death today. An official announcement is still in the works, so a visit to the VIBE website will only reveal the final round in their “Best Rapper Ever” contest — between Eminem, who’s on their current cover, and the fellow at right, so you should vote (for the one who’s dead).

That hasn’t stopped news of the music, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment magazine’s demise from popping up all over the web. How will you commemorate VIBE and its acrobatic feats of demographic-spanning daring? For my part, I’ll be re-reading all my old issues from the late 90s (when the format was still mega-huge), skipping over any coverage devoted to R&B and Will Smith (so basically half of every issue), and remembering those care-free days when the internet was just a benign, non-threatening bleep on the magazine industry’s radar.