Readymade Street Art

06/19/2009 9:39 AM |

ed95/1245346268-duchampreloaded.jpgMarcel Duchamp (the French artist who repeatedly revolutionized Modern art) made his first big splash with what became known as his readymade sculptures, the first of which consisted of a bicycle wheel attached to a stool (and was appropriately titled Bicycle Wheel). The 1913 original was lost, and it’s pretty fitting that the one at MoMA is a copy Duchamp made in 1951.

At any rate, in a totally Duchampian move of reappropriation, artist and designer Ji Lee has turned the Bicycle Wheel into a public art installation. Per his website (and images like the one at right), there are now Wheels in front of MoMA on 53rd, outside the recently closed Union Square Virgin Megastore, and at “Third Avenue and Houston,” which I’m guessing means Bowery and Houston. Anybody been by there lately who can confirm that these clever guerrilla artworks are actually there (or not)?

(via Boing Boing)