Rich Kids: Still the Worst

06/22/2009 9:57 AM |

06a8/1245679007-hudson.jpgLast Friday the Times ran a piece about a quote-unquote D.I.Y. indie rock scene in L.A. that centers around the children of successful Hollywood types. We’re introduced to 17-year-old drummer Hudson Franzoni, son of David Franzoni, who wrote screenplays for Gladiator and Amistad. When Hudson decided he wanted to play drums, his parents signed him up for lessons, just like yours probably would have, but then they built him an in-house studio, too, and have arranged for him to continue his lessons even while summering in Italy. We learn that Hudson’s father has broken out his personal rolodex and invited agents over to see Hudson perform in the backyard. We also learn that ever since Hudson left his last band and they continued playing songs he had a hand in writing, the family’s lawyer has been copyrighting all the songs Hudsone writes and dictating what he puts on his Myspace page, which I do not want to link to, but fine, I will.

We meet Emma Tolkin, as well, whose father, Michael, wrote The Player. She’s in a band with Taylor Thompson, whose background is kept vague, though we’re assured it’s nothing to sneeze at. Emma is the band’s spokesperson:

“I guess that growing up around Hollywood gave me a general sense that success in show business isn’t that far out of reach, but I don’t want to feel like a sellout. I like the D.I.Y. aspect of this. I like that it’s just me and Taylor playing music.”

Something tells me Ms. Tolkin might not actually know what D.I.Y. stands for—or maybe she just thinks it’s common to leave off the last part, which is “along with the help of your rich parents and their rich, high-power friends.”

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  • Is it a bad sign that I feel suicidal after reading this?

  • Is anything more facile

  • Yeah, man, that totally just SUCKS. They’re SUCH posers! URGH. It just makes me SO MAD when I perceive someone to have something that I don’t!!

    SO. NOT. FAIR.

    Luckily, I’ve learned to lump each and every person whom I deem “privileged” into one, vapid, stupid, and untalented generalization! That way– when I compare myself to this completely illusory caricature I’ve created as a defense mechanism– I won’t have to feel bad about my own shortcomings!

    Phew! Hey… wanna cut homeroom and get high?

  • Aren’t the guys in Vampire Weekend pretty privileged? But seriously, fuck LA.

  • Don’t worry, the Situationists are coming to put an end to all that…

  • You know, I actually find something kind of sweet about the whole thing–this idea of impossibly wealthy kids slumming it by making indie rock and wearing Chuck Taylors and talking about DIY, all as a way of rebelling against what they know and in a lot of way doing the opposite of what’s expected of them. But at 18 years old, to lack the self-awareness that would keep you from referring to what you’re doing as being in keeping with DIY ethics when your mother and father invite high-power industry players to come watch you perform at, like, family barbecues or whatever? It’s pretty silly.

  • I just feel sorry for them, frankly.

  • Drunk In Yacht? Dead In Year? …

  • I hope DFranzoni is being honest although I wouldn’t mind having a dad like that . Sometimes dreams are so loong and hard to grasp that a little dinero would be useful aid in achieving your dream + from personel experience

  • As endearing as all of this is, we might want to actually take a closer look at young mr. franzoni’s band copyrights. He worked with a pre-existing band, laid claim to their songs, and then stole the copyrights out from under them. And because his talented and well established dad happens to be the head of the guild in LA, the band will have a hell of a time in seeking legal recourse. While we must admire Hudson’s evil legal genius, one must question the brilliance of stealing music copyrights from other musicians who will undoubtably spread the word of his deception and overall despicable nature. What musician will ever want to collaborate with a person known for stealing music from his bandmates? My Own Accord was the first, but will most likely not be the last.

  • With respect to BerkleeBunny’s comments, here are the facts: Hudson wrote all the lyrics to the songs in question, collaborated on the music on most as well as writing original music for two of the songs on his own. When the band broke up the original two members wanted to keep ALL the copyrights for themselves giving zero credit to Hudson Franzoni. An offer was made to the band to allow the use of all music in any way any member or former member wanted so long as credit was given where credit was due. This the original two members of My Own Accord refused to do. They wanted it to look like they had done all the work. In fact, there were two other members of the band (now “fired”) who were around when this music was recorded and My Own Accord isn’t — of course — fighting for their “rights”. The reason is the two kids who are left in My Own Accord want it to look like they wrote all the songs, and in fact they did not. What musicians would want to collaborate with people known for trying to steal music from their bandmate? Ask that question of the kids in My Own Accord.

  • Who freaking’ cares?? So what if they have parents that can give them connections, you all are just hating. It’s not their fault that they grew up into a family that can help them through life easier. As long as they are playing music, enjoying life, and creating music that people will enjoy listening to, then who cares how they got there. I think you all are forgetting that it’s about the music. It’s very ignorant and pathetic that you