Ridiculous New Wedding Trend: Zero-Gravity Ceremonies

06/22/2009 3:06 PM |

fc13/1245693780-zerogravitywedding.jpgOver the weekend, Brooklynites Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan got married aboard a plane belonging to Zero Gravity Corp. being piloted in an elliptical flight pattern over southern Florida so as to simulate zero gravity (or “ZeroG” as the cool kids call it). Noah and Erin have been blogging about it, papers from here to Western Australia have written about it, and Noah had these summary words for the Daily Mail: “It was outstanding, and everything we were hoping for.” Well, at over $5,000 per person (their ZeroG wedding party included 10 friends), it better have been worth it.

Not to get preachy, but the wedding industry was already committing highway robbery before zero gravity simulation and outer space marriage — which, though not yet available, is what Noah and Erin really wanted, obviously. As the latest in super-exclusive wedding gimmicks, the ZeroG wedding is only the most outrageous among so many unnecessary matrimonial expenditures. Although, if you’ve been contemplating a Star Wars– or Star Trek-themed wedding, now you can say: “Well at least we didn’t have one of those ridiculous ZeroG weddings.”