Sarah Pucill Airs Her Films

06/29/2009 2:41 PM |

ea9b/1246298431-sarahpucill.jpgTonight, British filmmaker and photographer Sarah Pucill will introduce a free screening of four of her short films spanning the last twenty years. Often incorporating tricks of lighting and mise-en-scene as well as formal exercises involving textures, framing and movement, Pucill’s films often evoke surrealism in their unusual body imagery, though she foregrounds feminist themes like traditional women’s roles and the social pressures to conform to a feminine model. Tonight’s screening at A.I.R. Gallery (111 Front St, #228 in Dumbo) opens with what is probably her best-known work, “You be Mother” (pictured at right) from 1990, and concludes with her most recent film “Fall in Frame” from 2009. Pucill will answer questions after the screening, which begins at 7pm. Click here for more information and click here to watch clips of her work.