Sound Smart, Read These: Keeping Up with Iran

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06/19/2009 3:11 PM |

52ed/1245436872-tehran.jpgYes, of course, the Iranian government functions by proxy through shock troops called the Basijis. They’re going to start doling out reactionary violence more openly, it looks like. Meanwhile, was Obama maybe right about the difference between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad?

What, then, are we to do about Iran is the pressing question of the day, but this Kristof state-of-Darfur piece offers a few modest, productive steps for the region.

“[The Washington Post]’s opinion pages are emerging as a Neocon remainder bin.” What Scott Horton says is actually pretty much empirically true, sadly.

Happy would-have-been 90th birthday, Pauline Kael! Spend some time with long long, wrangle-able excerpts.

The Josh Hamilton story — baseball phenom turned addict turned Born Again Christian and heartwarming American second-chance narrative, with each station on the journey marked by a similar athletic focus and lack of introspection — has long needed some analysis, and John Baskin, for n+1, now provides it.

New fiction: a series of stories on Europe, 20 years after the fall of the Wall.

Old clip: Tom Stoppard on Charlie Rose in 2000.