Sound Smart Read These: The Arab Street

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06/05/2009 3:35 PM |

0a51/1244151496-obamaincairo.jpgYou need to read the Cairo speech, if you haven’t. And then you need to see whether it worked, and why.

John Updike’s last words, discussed by Julian Barnes — who, now that Updike’s dead, is probably our leading literary voice on the fear of death.

A first look at the new Thomas Pynchon novel, as told by Tibor “like your favourite uncle being caught in a school playground, masturbating” Fischer.

Fascinating inside politics, but I would have called this article “The Kundera Kunundrum”, myself.

New fiction: Introducing Ted Thompson, in Tin House.

Old clip: George Plimpton for Mattel’s Intellivision Baseball.