Studio B to Close, Brooklyn Vegan Commenters to Whine About It

06/29/2009 1:58 PM |

I always liked Studio B. Despite complaints about its patrons (insert misplaced stereotype of your choice here), perpetual sound issues and the buzz about shitty management, I dug the couches, which allowed you to decide whether a band was lounge-worthy or deserving of the energy it took to elbow up to the front (gazing longingly at Meric Long was well worth it). I even liked the cheesy chandeliers and the fake shrubbery on the roof deck. But not everyone shared my enthusiasm, especially the Studio’s residential neighbors, who accused the noisy venue of keeping them up at night. After months of legal issues and melodrama, Brooklyn Vegan reports that Studio B will shut its doors by the end of the month. This time, for good. Again.

As to be expected, BV’s comment section is flooded with residents hating on Studio B’s “whiny” patrons, patrons hating on its “whiny” neighbors, and random idiots sounding off on completely unrelated bullshit, yet still somehow managing to use the word “whiny.” In the “We hate Studio B” camp, there are complaints of the club’s “cruddy music that blasts forth some nights til 4am…and reverberates between the surrounding buildings…,” bartenders who are “hostile asshole” [sic] and patrons who are “whiny douchebags” and “suburban dregs.” The other side accuses the neighbors of being “whiny little self-important ninnies that thought they were still back in the midwestern suburbs” and “the worst whiny bitches I’ve ever met.” Who are these people, and why do they use the same adjective?

In any case, it looks like Studio B is actually closing this time, so both sides will have to find something new to whine about. Meanwhile, I’ll be on a hunt for another venue with super comfy couches.

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