Take Some X-Initiative

06/28/2009 10:38 AM |

c14b/1246198617-xinitiativerooftop.jpgIf you haven’t been yet, today is the last day to catch X-Initiative‘s sprawling art fair/group exhibition/collective happening/non-profit festival No Soul For Sale at the old Dia Foundation space in West Chelsea. It’s a fairly spectacular event (or bunch of events packed into a bigger event), with performances in the ground-floor auditorium, three floors of exhibitions by non-profits and artist collectives and a totally tubular rooftop space (pictured at right) where X-Initiative’s closing event, a screening of Carnival Roots (Peter Chelkowski, 2003) takes place tonight at 9pm.

The show’s last performance, meanwhile, will be a lo-fi musical piece by Naama Tsabar in collaboration with members of 8 bands. That performance starts at 7pm. Even if not for a specific event, No Soul For Sale merits a visit if only because such moments of genuine collaboration, ambition and creativity rarely occur in market-driven Chelsea anymore, and the sense of possibility and enthusiasm is fairly infectious. The show is free and open from 1pm-11pm at 548 W 22nd St. Click here for the full schedule of today’s events and for a detailed list of exhibitors.

(photo credit: ~~||ROB||~~/Flickr)