Ted Leo Plays Hoboken, I Fantasize About Other Bands Playing Hometown Shows

06/22/2009 3:28 PM |

49c5/1245698817-ted-leo.jpgTed Leo and the Pharmacists are playing Maxwell’s tonight, and it’s a show that has two of the three most obvious indicators I look for when determining if a show will be awesome. The only one missing is that it’s not the final night of a tour, which is when bands are at their tightest and also when they’re very apparently overcome with joy at the prospect of getting to sleep in their own bed for the first time in however long. But here’s what it’s got going for it. First, Ted Leo is popular enough that he could play a venue somewhere between eight and ten times the size of the tiny Maxwell’s, so the energy in the room will surely be high. And second, it’s a hometown show, so assuming Leo doesn’t hate his family and friends, one would be justified in thinking he would bring a little something extra to the table. After the jump, find my list of bands I’d most like to see play shows in their hometown, and please, for god’s sake, share yours in the comments.

The Hold Steady in Minneapolis — Just think about all those songs where Finn mentions the twin cities and other local things none of us know anything about. Must feel soooo good.

Wilco in Chicago — I don’t know why, exactly, but I occasionally find myself wishing I lived in Chicago so that I could feel the sense of ownership of Jeff Tweedy and Wilco that the people there do.

Jay Z at Prospect Park — I cannot even imagine.

Bright Eyes in Omaha — Ok, not so much anymore, but in 2000-2001 or so, when every magazine in the country was running 3,000 word articles about how Omaha was the epicenter of American rock music, it sure must have been nice.

Arcade Fire in Montreal — I’m not even the biggest Arcade Fire fan in the world, but whenever a band is so immediately identified with its hometown, as Arcade Fire is with Montreal, it’s something to behold. And they probably speak French a little bit more, which is super cool.

You? Feel free to go back in time to bands than no longer exist. And don’t say Neutral Milk Hotel in Athens, ’cause duh, that’s what everyone will say.

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  • Bon Jovi and Springsteen both at Asbury park since they’re pretty much the 2 best things to come out of NJ.
    or, Wu-Tang Clan on Staten Island, just cause.

  • Rustic Overtones from the WCYY patio at Monument Square in Portland, Maine.

  • 5. Rush, Toronto Maple Leaf Garden, Grace Under Pressure tour, 1984? (did that gig happen? only half kidding…)

    4. Misfits opening for The Cramps, CB-GB 1977 (don’t know if this gig ever happened, but it should have). Technically breaking the rules since Misfits were from Lodi, NJ, but they were better than Bon Jovi (I give you Misfits vs Springsteen is debatable.)

    3. The Animals opening for the Who, Marquee Club, London, 1964-65. Pretty sure this gig never happened, though both bands played the Marquee in that era.

    2. Pink Floyd, UFO club, London, 1966. Set my time machine for Dec 23, 1966…

    1. Velvet Underground, Dom, NYC, spring/summer 1966. Inevitable number one…

    ps- I saw Wilco in Chicago in 2006, which might have been about 5 years too late…