The Best Dinosaur Jr. Review You Will Ever Read

06/25/2009 12:11 PM |

a7fd/1245946290-dinobig.jpgLast week I mentioned Chris Weingarten’s brilliant new project, 1000TimesYes, where he’s set out to review 1,000 records in a single calendar year—all on twitter and therefore at less than 140 characters each. It’s been a treat so far, but the best moment came a couple days ago, when he chimed in on the new Dinosaur Jr. record, Farm:

423)Dinosaur Jr./Farm: Vintage bombasters give dignified, joyous response to a post-QOTSA, post-MBV, post-Black-Mountain doobiverse.#7.5

Heh. Doobiverse.

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  • I like this one:
    430)No-Neck Blues Band/At 6am We Become the Police: Junkyard noise, power-clang, disaster-trance, potential tetanus. #6

    I imagine Fiery Furnaces are not happy with their review. Like what the heck does that even mean?